FHI Coated Colors Set FHIP330B


This bundles offers the complete collection of 2,825 FHI Colors

The Textile Paper Bundle pairs the TPG Color Guide and FHI Metallic Shimmers Color Guide, giving designers access to 2,825 Fashion, Home + Interiors coated Pantone Colors. Use these guides for product design, fashion accessories, footwear, hard home including housewares, personal care, interiors, color cosmetics, tech/consumer electronics, trim i.e. buttons, zippers, outerwear, and reference for fashion.

Bundling the FHI Color Guide and Metallic Shimmers expands the color assortment for fashion, home and interior designs and provides designers with an easy-to-use collection of trend-right color references, aiding visualization and enhancing the reproduction process.

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  • Portable fan deck in a two-volume set with 2,625 colors
  • Seven colors per page on 4.44 cm x 2 cm paper chips made of lacquer stripe coating on paper
  • TPG (Textile Paper – Green) suffix indicates the latest evolution of the FHI product line – we removed all lead and chromium content from the TPX products to offer a safer and environmentally friendly product



  • One volume with 200 colors in a fan format
  • One full-bleed color per 1.75” x 6” page
  • Produced pigment on paper (nitro-cellulous coating), similar to a paint sample
  • TPM (Textile Paper – Metallic) suffix indicates that it is a metallic color in the Fashion, Home + Interiors System
  • Colors arranged by color family
  • Each color referenced by a corresponding name and number


  • Use for color inspiration, specification, and production at the office, in the lab, or on-the-go
  • Ideal for product design, fashion accessories, trimmings, footwear, hard home and housewares, personal care, interiors, color cosmetics, and consumer electronics


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